SBM Consulting and Coaching Services is a TEVETA accredited institution delivering management, Leadership, Change and Social inclusion consultancy to public and private sector institutions. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively and being a part of the team with all our clients and we ensure we leave an increased capability footprint once our engagement is finalized.

SBMCCS offers more than 28 years of developing, applying, and evaluating operational structures merging repeatable processes and mindset change gains in organizations and individual best practices.

Our Vision and Mission is to “Motivate and develop individuals and organizations to their full potential through effective personal time management that create revolutionary personal and business productivity by optimizing human potential through effective change management that enables ACTION and LOCAL IMPACT.


SBMCCS has designed a toolkit aimed at raising awareness and developing capacities among senior public officials on the need for effective institutional arrangements for holistic policy coherence. Our training Model is highly instructional, and brings a 360-degree change management delivery approach using world best practice and training methodology that ensures that each individual is successful in transforming their Leadership Skills and customer service through SBM CCS’s My Process to Mindset Change® training programme. Our training features guest speakers, interactive activities, group discussions and innovative practices for peer-to-peer learning. Furthermore, our training provides the opportunity to receive the participants’ feedback and input on these toolkits.


  • Functional and Technical Cross-Industry Experts aligning People, Process and Technologies.
  • Dedication to client success and a long track record of meeting and exceeding project objectives.
  • Small scale business agility.